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Welcome to The Lux Decore! We are your number one source for all of your interior design needs. The Lux Decore’s mission is to bring our unique collection into everyone’s home through interior design. Our products give a special touch and feel to your space. We are dedicated to giving you the very best in furniture and decor at affordable prices, with a focus on quality and class. 
The Lux Decore was founded in 2000 by three partners – Jalaya, Morgan, and Amina – in Los Angeles, California.

Our client list includes entrepreneurs, professionals, business executives, and many residential homeowners based in Los Angeles.  Our design plans ultimately support health, wellbeing, and safety while enhancing the visual appeal of their homes and work spaces. As experienced specialists in residential design projects, The Lux Decore strives to create spaces that incorporate comfort and elegance with ergonomic expertise and sustainable design.



Jalaya is a dedicated and experienced interior designer with a passion for delivering superior design services to clients. She has been an interior designer for five years. She is adept at creating functional and aesthetically pleasing layouts from conception to completion.


Morgan believes in the perfect balance between beauty and functionality in her approach to interior design. She loves helping others discover ways to create a refreshing, dynamic space. Her seven years of interior design experience inform her innovative approach to The Lux Decore’s aesthetic.


As a founder and interior designer with ten years of experience, Amina understands that transforming a space can transform a person’s life. She loves creating stylish, harmonious arrangements to suit the client’s needs and desires.

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